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Review: HDR Camera vs. Camera360

November 9, 2011

Taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera

I’m on a mission to push the limits of mobile phone photography as far as I can. And because I really like the look of HDR, my mission starts with finding the best way to take HDR photos on my Droid X.

For the past month or so I’ve been using Camera360 to get that HDR look even though it isn’t true HDR. I really liked the results, expect I kept getting tons of noise in my photos.

Then I found out about HDR Camera which is “true HDR.” The difference, from what I can tell, is that Camera360 just messes with all the levels and colors whereas HDR Camera actually takes multiple photos and combines them (you can read about it here).

So today I went out and shot a few photos with both apps so I could see for myself the differences. Keep reading to see for yourself…

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