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Hawthorne Bridge

June 30, 2012

Taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera. Edited with iPad using Snapseed

Hawthorne Bridge in Portland, OR at 3am. The story behind this shot goes something like this:

I went out to a hip hop show downtown and met a guy that’s been around the Portland scene for awhile, as bar close was approaching they invited me out to Salmon Street Studio to continue the party.

Long story short, after an hour or so of partying and meeting new people, I figured it was about time to walk back to my place and took the Hawthorne Bridge — which was fairly empty at that point in the night. I decided it would be fun to lay down in the middle of the bridge and drunkenly snapped this shot while I was chilling out. Turned out to be a pretty awesome shot and a great night overall.


The Daily Winter Commute

December 6, 2011
Morning Commute

Taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera

This is about as bad as my morning commute gets all winter long. For 5-10 minutes I have to wait for the Light Rail high up in the sky and endure the morning breeze in 35 degree weather. I hear it’ll start raining soon, too, so that might make things a little worse.

However, this is nothing compared to what I have been used to for the past 22 years of my Michigan-based life. I’ll happily endure the outside elements of California all winter long for 5-10 minutes each day.

It’s much nicer than the daily Michigan winter grind of freezing cold temperatures, mountains of snow and the unpredictability of car engines in cold weather.


Christmas in the Park

December 5, 2011
Christmas in the Park

Taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera

I took this picture at Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose on December 1st. It was 71 degrees out. It didn’t feel right to me at all, I mean, it looked and felt like the middle of summer and there was a whole Christmas exhibition setup downtown complete with “Winter Wonderland” blaring from the speakers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the amazingly warm weather, but Christmas just isn’t Christmas without the cold weather and snow. I guess that’s why they try to simulate it with all the tacky white plastic sheets they put on the ground and the fake snow falling from light posts, though.

It’s weird, because I never much liked the concept of Christmas that much anyway. But now that I’m on the verge of experiencing my first Christmas without snow, family and friends — I miss it. A lot.

And I kind of love this picture. Even if it is all fake.