The Future of the Androidography Community

March 11, 2012

There’s no doubt that iPhoneography is a full-blown “thing.” There are countless blogs dedicated to the activity, endless amounts of accessories and apps like Instagram have taken it to a whole other level. I myself am considering switching to an iPhone after my contract is up with Verizon and the iPhone 5 is released. A lot of it has to do with the camera and apps, but mostly it has to deal with the overall eco-system that Apple has setup. It’s unrivaled.

So what about Androidography? or Smartphoneography in general? I don’t know. There really isn’t much of a community, though maybe the Android release of Instagram will change that. The screenshot above is kind of telling about how little activity there is out there. In the past ~5 months I’ve managed to get on page 4 of Google for “Androidography” (page 8 on Yahoo!) without much overall effort, especially in terms of optimization.

I’ve started a few blogs in the past without much luck and abandoned them fairly quickly, this one however, seems to have caught on a little, mostly in the androidography realm. I’m getting 500+ visits a month and already have ~2,000 for the month of March which is pretty cool. I’m not really sure where things will go in the future, but it would be fun if I could help to form some sort of community for Android / Smartphone -ography in general.

So, for those of you that visit, what do you think? What kind of features would a site need to really help drive the community? I think some sort of reader-submission thing is needed for sure. Who knows, though, maybe Instagram (or some other app) will launch on Android in a month or so and this blog will become completely irrelevant in the overall “scene.” Or maybe, I can make an impact…



  1. yes, it’s a bit weird there’s no internet website of reference at all about Android photography. I tried to ask around too and no answer came back! I suppose a normal website like that should talk daily about apps, and initiatives all around the globe. Good luck!

  2. I love shooting photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and has been trying to build a page and participate in the community through Flickr but i have no luck so far in looking for a decent website for it! And I look forward to seeing the emerge of photographers using android phones (like Robert-Paul Jansen for iPhonography)…

    A good site for Androidography should have reviews for apps, showing good examples of Android photos, tutorials (eg. how to shoot landscape with your phone, improving portraits photography…)

    i think for a site to grow it needs some publicity… for example you could ask the readers to spread the news in Flickr, or any other photo sharing community they’re active in =)


    • Thanks for the feedback, I’m still trying to decide how much effort I want to put into this and if so, what direction to go in. Those are all great ideas, though

  3. We have just released android app, that guides you to Take Better Photos With Your Android Phone!!! Check it out: http://bit.ly/NCYIIn

  4. Just check out I photography. Com n duplicate a similar thing for android with tutorials for apps for android…. I wish there was a camera+, jazz and paint fx app for android as there was when I were an iphone fan.

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