The Daily Winter Commute

December 6, 2011
Morning Commute

Taken with Motorola Droid X using HDR Camera

This is about as bad as my morning commute gets all winter long. For 5-10 minutes I have to wait for the Light Rail high up in the sky and endure the morning breeze in 35 degree weather. I hear it’ll start raining soon, too, so that might make things a little worse.

However, this is nothing compared to what I have been used to for the past 22 years of my Michigan-based life. I’ll happily endure the outside elements of California all winter long for 5-10 minutes each day.

It’s much nicer than the daily Michigan winter grind of freezing cold temperatures, mountains of snow and the unpredictability of car engines in cold weather.



  1. awesome! =D

    I’m glad to have found this site… i hope it’ll continue to grow =)

    • Thanks, I like the pictures you’ve got up on your Flickr, too

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